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BAR & Restaurant


Our Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and serves modern bistro-style French cuisine. The three-course dinner is excellent quality for a reasonable price. We provide outside dining where guests can enjoy exquisite meals in an amazing atmosphere on the verandah and around the pool. The bar is also available for all the hotel guests with international selection of drinks and refreshments, exclusive snacks, and other light meals can be served at the bar and ordered throughout the day.

Our set menu is available Monday to Saturday, for lunch between 12.00hrs – 14.30hrs and Dinner 18.00hrs- 21.00hrs. Our menu offers great value for two and three course meal options. On Sunday we have a continental breakfast from 06.30- 09.30 and a Brunch from 10.00hrs – 14.00hrs. On Sunday afternoon join us for a poolside Barbecue from 16.00hrs. – 20.00hrs (vegetarian options available).






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